Best Pediatric Dentist in Plantation | Stopping the Thumb Sucking Habit

It’s adorable when they’re little and swaddled up. Your child sucking their thumb is so innocent and peaceful as they sleep. However, as they get older, if the habit doesn’t break, it can be worrisome. Luckily, the best pediatric dentist in Plantation can intervene. Keep reading to learn more:

Why Is My Child Sucking Their Thumb?

Children tend to suck their thumbs as a comfort mechanism. It’s the result of a reflex that can soothe the child.

How is Thumb Sucking Harmful?

Babies and infants tend to suck their thumbs. And, the common timeframe for a child to stop sucking his or her thumb is between the ages of two and four. Sucking their thumb won’t affect a child permanently until their adult teeth come in. However, nipping the habit in the bud is better. Over time, thumb sucking can affect the roof of the mouth and even cause teeth to become misaligned.

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How Can I Get My Child to Stop Sucking Their Thumb?

While it may seem like a simple thing to you, it can be extremely difficult to get your child to stop sucking his or her thumb. Many suggest intervening if sucking doesn’t stop by age five.

Giving your child small, positive reinforcements can encourage them to stop the behavior over time. You can also identify when your child starts to suck his or her thumb. Is there a certain trigger that can be alienated? If none of this works, your dentist may be able to help by explaining how it can be harmful and providing a mouth guard.

Are You Looking for the Best Pediatric Dentist in Plantation?

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