Braces in Coral Springs | What Type of Issues Can Braces Correct?

If you suspect your child needs orthodontic treatment, it’s important to be aware of what kind of issues braces can correct. The truth is, braces can correct a plethora of issues. However, some orthodontic issues are more common than others. Below are two of the most common dental issues that can be fixed with orthodontic treatment. If your child is in need of braces in coral springs, contact our office today!


Teeth That Are over Crowded


Crowded teeth are probably the most common orthodontic issue. This orthodontic issue occurs when there is not enough space in your child’s mouth for their teeth. If you don’t correct the overcrowding in your child’s mouth, it could lead to difficulties in maintaining proper oral health. However, with the help of braces, you can correct this issue and help your child achieve a lifetime of healthy teeth.


An Overbite


An overbite is also a very common issue. If you don’t correct your child’s overbite, it will not only affect their appearance, but it will also make chewing very difficult. If you think your child is developing an overbite, contact our experienced orthodontist for a consultation and treatment options.


Who is the best orthodontist for Braces in Coral Springs ?

Are You in Need of Braces in Coral Springs?


Not only can braces correct a plethora of different dental issues, braces in Coral Springs can also offer you and your child an array of health benefits! So, if you think your child will need braces in your future, don’t hesitate to contact us at Super Smiles to learn more and schedule an appointment!

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