Braces in Delray Beach | 6 Foods to Avoid with Braces

You should never be too shy to smile! And, a straight and beautiful smile is an option with braces in Delray Beach. However, in order to get the best look possible, you need to care for your brackets, wires, and more! So, be sure to avoid these six foods when you have braces:

Sticky Candies

Caramels, gummies, and more can cause an array of issues for those with braces. Not only can sugary bits and pieces get stuck in your braces, leading to poor hygiene, it can dislodge rubber bands and wires.


If you think getting gum out of hair is hard, try getting gum out of braces! Just like sticky candy, chewing gum can work its way into your wires and disrupt the function of your braces.


Crunching on ice can be super refreshing for many. But, once again, it can damage your braces and your teeth, making it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene.

what can i eat with braces in delray beach

Hard Fruits & Veggies

Taking a big bite of an apple or chomping into a carrot can move delicate wires and potentially break brackets.

Nuts & Seeds

Nothing’s worse than not being able to get an annoying bit of food out of your braces. Nuts and seeds not only get stuck, making it hard to floss, but can cause even more damage to your braces’ structure.


Sodas aren’t only super sugary. They contain high amounts of acid that can deteriorate the more delicate parts of your braces.

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