Braces in Plantation FL | How to Floss with Braces

Maintaining a regimented oral health routine when you have braces in Plantation FL is so necessary to keep your health in tip-top shape. So, you most definitely should not skip flossing. Here’s how to floss with braces:

What You’ll Need

Flossing with braces is a little more complicated than what you may be used to. But, it’s even more important now! You will need floss threaders, which make it easier to thread floss around your braces. And, you’ll need your favorite floss!

How to Floss with Braces

The trickiest part about flossing with braces is that it’s time-consuming. You do have to work the floss around every single bracket and wire. Sorry – there’s no easier way. But, your oral health is worth it. Thread your floss through the loop of the floss threader to easily maneuver it behind the wire. Then, floss like normal. You just continue to do that all around your mouth.

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How to Care for Your Braces

There’s more to caring for braces than just flossing. You still need to brush twice a day. A lot of food particles and bacteria can get caught. When these sit for too long, you run the risk of promoting tooth decay. You may also opt for braces-specific fluoride rinse to keep your teeth from staining. Your dentist will provide more information for your specific case!

Are You Interested in Braces in Plantation FL?

You deserve the smile of your dreams! If you’re interested in braces in Plantation FL, all it takes is a phone call to start your smile journey. So, contact us today to learn more about our orthodontics services and to schedule an appointment.

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