Kids Dental in Plantation | 5 Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for the Dentist

Your child is most likely more afraid of the unknown than anything else when it comes to the dentist. But, you know the dentist is only here to help! So, teach them the same thing. If you’re preparing for your kids dental in Plantation, use these five tips.

Talk to Them

Talking to your child can do so much good! Explain the role of the dentist and how he or she is a doctor that is here is help keep them healthy.

Play Pretend

If he or she has never been to the dentist, you can show them what their experience may be like right at home! Simply play the role of the dentist and brush and floss your child’s teeth. And, don’t be afraid to make it fun!

Add Incentive

While we may not endorse a super sugary treat after the dentist, offer something fun in exchange for your kid’s good behavior! Maybe go see a movie or get a toy. If they associate the dentist with happy and familiar things, it can put them at ease in the future.

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Take Them with You

If your dental visit is before your child’s, teach by example. So, if possible, allow them to watch a regular dental cleaning for you. When they see that you’re brave enough to handle it, they may be too!

Have an At-Home Routine

If your kid is confident in his or her dental health, they may even get excited to show it off to the dentist! So, be sure to have a routine – morning and night – that puts an emphasis on brushing well, flossing thoroughly, and eating mouth healthy foods.

Looking for the Best Kids Dental in Plantation?

Your child’s oral hygiene is so important for their overall well-being. And, we provide the best kids dental in Plantation! So, contact us today to make an appointment!

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