Kids Dentist in Delray Beach | What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Everyone wants that perfect, straight smile! But, sometimes our mouths seem to have other ideas. Crooked teeth are nothing to be embarrassed about! In fact, for many, they’re totally natural. So, before running to your kids dentist in Delray Beach in a panic, consider these four causes:

Thumb Sucking

If your child continues to suck his or her thumb well past infancy, it’s time to seek the help of a dentist. Thumb sucking applies unwanted pressure to the gums and teeth that urges them to move in different directions. If the bad habit is broken early on, it can help to create a better oral health environment.

Tongue Thrusting

Tongue thrusting may sound odd, but if you have a child who does it, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Applying pressure to the back of the teeth with the tongue can cause change over time. It’s a difficult habit to break, but it’s essential in order to promote healthy oral habits.

Why does my child need a kids dentist in Delray Beach?


The truth is that genetics are probably the greatest factor in crooked teeth. Some children are simply predisposed to not having straight teeth. Of course, the oral health environment from there on out is a huge factor.


Yup. When kids experience cavities very early on in their dental journey, cavities and tooth decay can affect the dental arch. Loss of space can lead to malocclusion and crowding. This is why early dental care is so vital.

Are You Looking for a Kids Dentist in Delray Beach?

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