Kids Dentist in Delray Beach | Children’s Thanksgiving Dental Tips

While Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends, it shouldn’t be a time that we neglect our teeth, especially our children’s. Nothing spoils a holiday get-together like a dental issue. Here are some dental tips for your child or children for this Thanksgiving from the best kids dentist in Delray Beach.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your child might want to go for the soda this Thanksgiving but try and steer them towards the water. Drinking plenty of water will help eliminate food particles that get stuck between their teeth and prevent the buildup of plaque. Drinking water can also help stimulate saliva production that helps fight dental cavities.

Avoid Sticky Foods

Foods that are too acidic, sweet and sticky can cause immense harm to the teeth. While it’s not always possible for your child to avoid these all together, make sure they aren’t going overboard with them. Also, make sure they brush their teeth 30 minutes after consuming those foods to eliminate any debris.

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Be Sure to Brush and Floss

Sometimes it’s not always easy to do this during Thanksgiving. You might be traveling and having Thanksgiving dinner at a friend or family member’s house. This is the time when brushing and flossing is the most vital. All the food your child is consuming is causing plaque to build up on their teeth. If you can’t bring a toothbrush and floss, you can bring sugarless gum and chew this after eating a meal.

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