Orthodontist in Delray Beach | How to Brush Your Teeth with Braces

Braces can give you the smile of your dreams! But, a daily oral health routine is still essential to keep your smile strong and healthy. So, in addition to seeing your orthodontist in Delray Beach, follow these three steps at home for pearly whites:

Brush around the Brackets

Brushing with braces doesn’t change your routine too much. However, you should be more aware of where you are brushing. You’ll want to spend extra time on and around your brackets to make sure you’re getting every nook and cranny. You should keep the brushing gentle to make sure that you do not damage any of the tools in your braces. Also, if you tend to use whitening products, talk to your orthodontist before continuing. They may have your switch to maintain the integrity and strength of your braces.

Floss After Every Meal

Food is more likely to get stuck between brackets and wires. So, you need to be sure to take care of all the hard to reach places. Flossing after every meal can clear out particles that can cause more damage later on.

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Rinse with Fluoridated Mouthwash

A big fear for many people with traditional, bracketed braces are the little white squares they can leave on your teeth. But, if you care for your teeth and braces properly, you can avoid this. That means using a mouthwash specifically for braces. This will help keep your teeth healthy and strong as they undergo major changes.

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