Pediatric Dentist in Delray Beach | How to Remove a Loose Tooth

We’ve seen some pretty funny videos about pulling out loose teeth. And, while the old string-and-door technique may seem entertaining and convenient, there is a right way to help a tooth along. By removing a tooth properly, you can avoid unnecessary pain or even a trip to our pediatric dentist in Delray Beach!

Wash Your Hands

Hygiene is everything. Before you help your child or have your child remove their loose tooth, wash your hands. This can prevent any bacteria getting into the fresh gums and risking infection.

Check the Tooth

Is the tooth really ready? If it’s able to bend all around and spin, seemingly attached only by a string, it’s probably time!

Use Gauze

Remember when you lost teeth? Sometimes it can get a little bloody. Use gauze to dry and get a good hold on the tooth. This’ll also help soak up some blood.

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Lean Forward

If there is blood, you don’t want your child to become nauseated by it. Have them lean forward to avoid swallowing it.

Pull and Press

Now, you can simply pull the tooth out. It shouldn’t take too much effort! Then, apply slight pressure with a new gauze pad and celebrate! This is a big moment.

Are You Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Delray Beach?

Starting healthy oral habits early on can make your child an educated, life-long dental patient. Whether you need help removing a tricky tooth or are looking to learn more about sealants and cavities, we can help! Contact us today to find the best pediatric dentist in Delray Beach!

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