Pediatric Dentist in Plantation | What are Space Maintainers?

Eventually, your child’s baby teeth will fall out. And, by their pre-teen/early teen years, they’re likely to have all of their permanent teeth. However, some kids start losing their baby teeth early. So, you need to keep their mouth primed for larger, adult teeth. That’s when our pediatric dentist in Plantation may suggest a space maintainer.

What are Space Maintainers?

Space maintainers do just that – they maintain space. When your child loses a baby tooth early, you want to preserve that space for the next tooth to come in properly.

Why Does My Child Need a Space Maintainer?

Your child’s baby teeth are primers for their adult teeth to come in. They hold space for larger teeth to develop into as they get older. If your child has lost a baby tooth early on, your dentist may suggest a spacer. This is so your child’s other teeth do not crowd in on that spot, hindering the process of when the adult tooth tries to come in.

Why does my child need a pediatric dentist in Plantation?

What if My Child Doesn’t Get a Space Maintainer?

The decision to get a space maintainer is a case-by-case situation. If your child loses a baby tooth early on and doesn’t get a space maintainer, you might be looking at a future of orthodontics. Without a space maintainer, you’re risking the chances of teeth crowding and not leaving sufficient space for an adult tooth.

Are You Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Plantation?

Your child’s early dental health is so important when establishing lifelong oral health habits. So, don’t skip seeing a pediatric dentist in Plantation! Contact us at Super Smiles to schedule an appointment.

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