Dental sealants are one of the most outstanding breakthroughs in the history of tooth decay prevention. At Super Smiles, Dr. Buscemi is proud to offer BPA-free sealants that safely and effectively protect your child’s teeth.
The application of a sealant on top of teeth offers protection from cavities and the build-up of plaque and debris. As a pediatric dentistry practice, we see a lot of kids coming through with cavity-prone teeth. Children’s teeth are especially susceptible to cavities because of the many bumps and grooves they have on their biting surfaces. As a result, debris and resulting bacteria become lodged in their grooves easily and can create dental issues.

Kids and adults have these grooves (called pits and fissures) and all face the same problems. Our posterior teeth, the premolars and molars, have the most grooves and because of their location are the most difficult to clean with a toothbrush or floss. Dr. Buscemi utilizes the application of dental sealants on the appropriate teeth to prevent tooth decay and buildup of unwanted bacteria causing debris.
The care of sealants is very important to ensure their efficacy. Frequently chewing gum or hard ice will risk pulling off or fracturing sealants. Additionally, nighttime grinding may also prematurely wear down sealants.
Dr. Buscemi and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children visit their dentist once every 6 months. During these visits Dr. Buscemi will check the health of the your child’s sealants and repair or replace those that are damaged. Sealants placed at Super Smiles are guaranteed for 3 years.

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