Your child may need to have teeth extracted due to cavities or for orthodontic reasons. Dr. Buscemi is highly skilled in pediatric dental surgery and makes every effort to provide a positive experience for your child.

There are many options of pain management for children who need a dental extraction. Depending upon the age and health of your child, Dr. Buscemi’s recommendations, and parental preferences, dental extraction can be done with the use of local anesthesia alone or in conjunction with a form of sedation.

If your child is not apprehensive of visiting the dentist they may be excited about their upcoming tooth fairy visit. As parents to young children, you can set the tone to the dental visit. If you suspect or know that your child needs a dental extraction, Dr. Buscemi recommends avoiding the use of words such as “pain”, “pull”, “yank”, or “rip out” when speaking with your child. At your child’s visit to Super Smiles, Dr. Buscemi will slowly walk through every step with your child in a way they will understand and not be fearful.

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